Faster and more precise

With innovative technology, little things can help make a difference at point of check-in


These highlight features may amaze you!

Barcode scanner
Exclusive barcode protect against fraud and duplication.
Webcam Scanning
Even your laptop webcam can be a scanner!
Offline check-in
Internet disconnection is no longer the matter
Ticket Scanning Report
Quick scanning updates indicate the number of passed/failed tickets.


Follow these 4 easy-peasy processes and you are good to go!

Require Chrome Browser to download Checkin app at Chrome Web store.
Or hit the button Download below to have it at hand. Available on Mac/Windows.
- For Mac users: Checkin app is present in Applications folder
- For Windows users: Start > All Programs > Chrome Apps > TicketBox Checkin. Here you go!
Log in
To get access, sign in using your authorized account on Checkin app or Facebook account
Select your event and start check-in process. Ticket scanning can be verified with Barcode Scanner or QR Code (another option: Scan with your Laptop Webcam)