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TicketBox is about making it easy and secured for you to buy and sell tickets. So these are the questions that our customers usually ask us.

How do I buy tickets to an event?

Select the event that you wish to attend from the events on our website, click on "Book Now" on the left, select the number of tickets, answer questions required from event organizer and enter your billing information, payment option and pay.

When is the deadline to book the event ticket?

It depends on the closing time from the Organizers. For e-tickets, you can still buy the ticket in 6-12 hours before the events.

How do I pay for the booking?

Once you've entered your purchase information, you can choose to pay with Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer or cash at local banks, 7-11, Tesco Lotus, Big C, Family Mart, pay@post and other covenient service counters stated on the billing slip.

• Visa, MasterCard: You can pay with your credit cards via our website.
• Bank transfer: You can transfer money to our bank account.
• Service counter: You can pay at your local service counters.

How secured is Ticketbox online payment process?

For all credit card and local ATM bank card ticket purchases, Ticketbox has taken extra care to ensure your financial information is secure and protected. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to ensure the communication that occurs during the purchase process is safe and secure. For extra security, TicketBox never stores your credit card information. In the credit card purchase screen, TicketBox uses Omise, 123 and PaySbuy protected by SSL protocol to ensure top level security.

How do I receive tickets?

There is the only way you can receive your ordered tickets from us:
• If you pay with bank transfer or Visa / MasterCard, we will send the e-tickets to your email address after you pay.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope, we think it sucks to sneak in fees and charges to our customers. At TicketBox, you pay what you see. Always.

How do I get in to the event once I've made the booking?

Simply bring or show your tickets at the event entrance.

How do I print out tickets ?

You'll find your e-tickets as .PDF files in your inbox. You can download the files, open them by a PDF Reader program, and click the "Print" button. Also, in your dashboard, you can see all your bookings in "My Tickets" tab. And you can download and print them from there.

Do I have to print out my tickets?

Not necessarily, you can show the check-in person at the door your ticket on your smartphone and it is enough.

How do I get a red VAT invoice?

In order to get a red VAT invoice for your order, please contact our Customer Support team email at:

Do events sell out?

Of course, so snap 'em up quick. Once they're gone, they're gone.

How late can I book an event?

As late as the organizers allow you to. Usually for e-tickets, you can buy before 6-12 hours as latest.

Why do I only have 20 minutes to book my tickets?

Because we want more people to have access to tickets so if you are unable to finish booking your tickets in 20 minutes, the tickets will be release and become available for other buyers.

Can I choose my seats?

At the moment, all the seats are on a "best available" basis. Unless it's general admission or unreserved seating, we'll always let you know what type of seats you are buying, just not the exact seats. If you buy two or more tickets, we'll make sure you all sit together.

Can I purchase tickets for multiple events in one order?

Right now, you can only purchase tickets for one event per order.

Can I get refunded if I want to cancel my tickets ?

If you wish to request for ticket cancellation, please contact the event organizer.

What happens when an event get cancelled?

When the event organizer cancels the event, the full price of your tickets will be refunded. We do not take any responsibility in case an event get cancelled. We will refund your purchase within 7 working days through a negative invoice via bank transfer or cash.

How do I add my events and start selling tickets?

The first step is to sign up for an account and then click on "Add your event" button, then please fill in the needed informatiion. You can add pictures, add youtube link to your event page, set tickets selling start date and end date, ticket price, multiple ticket types, create question forms for your ticket buyers to fill in when they buy tickets.....

After the event is created, who will see it?

When you finish creating an event, only people with the link can access the event. Your event won't be featured on our list immediately. If you would want your event to be featured, please write to us at

How can my event gets featured on TicketBox list ?

Our friendly customer support representative will review your event and feature your event after it is created. We will notify you by email once your event is featured. *NOTICE: We will not be able to feature any event if you're using another registration platform such as Google Forms, Eventbrite,...

Can I cancel my event after I created ?

Yes, just contact us email at:

Can I stop selling tickets for my event?

Yes, you can log in your Ticketbox account and choose to stop selling tickets for your events.

How can I see the statistics of my ticket sales?

You can log in your Ticketbox account and access to 'My events' to view Statistics for events.

Is my database safe and protected?

Yes, at Ticketbox, we take care of customer database very seriously. We will never sell your data to any third party.

How do I communicate with attendees?

You can log in your Ticketbox account and access to 'My events' and view contact information of all attendees at section 'Manage RSVPs'.

How do I check-in attendees

At the event date, you can check-in customers by:
• Download Ticketbox Chrome App to check-in your attendees in with laptop’s webcam.
• Or download Ticketbox IOS or Android App to check-in your attendees with your smartphones.
• Or check your attendees in by names by downloading the master excel sheet that you can get from "Manage RSVP" section.
Check out our Google Chrome and Mobile apps here If you would need a barcode scanner, please contact us so that we can arrange for you

How do I receive money from ticket sales ?

Ticketbox will transfer money to your bank account 7 working days after the event ends. If you would like to receive money before the event’s date, please contact us, we will do some verification and transfer you the amount accordingly.

Can I get red VAT invoice?

Yes, the red VAT invoice will be available 3 working days after the event ends.

How do I reset my password?

If you have lost or forgotten your password, please click the link "reset password" on login form and submit your email address. You'll receive an email with a link to reset your password.